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Teaching my very first face painting workshop!!

Last month I taught my first ever workshop. I was invited to be 1 of 2 tutors at Face Paint BOOTCAMP – an incredible, intensive one day training session in Belfast, Northern Ireland, organised by Stacey Kilpatrick of S.A.K. Designs. 30 participants were divided into 2 groups for two back-to-back 3 hour workshops (with a lovely leisurely lunch in between!) It was an absolute honour and privilege to be ‘billed’ alongside the phenomenal Teresa Mullin.

Leading up to the workshop I was so so nervous! I’d never taught before and always dismissed it as something beyond my capabilities. Every time I thought about it I felt sick with nerves, terrified I’d be no good! BUT somehow I managed to ignore those voices of crippling self-doubt and I DID IT and I loved it!! The feedback given afterwards was amazing and unbelievably heart-warming (see below photos), proving that my nerves were totally unfounded. I couldn’t have hoped for a more wonderful, positive first experience of teaching 😀 


Me doing a demo in my fab “Lollipop” t-shirt provided by BOOTCAMP organiser Stacey Kilpatrick


Sugar skull completed


Another demo – one stroke arm butterfly


My wonderful first class!


A satisfied customer!


Demo on a ‘FAB wipeable board’


Action shot – painting fuchsias


Participants in action!


Another demo – one stroke butterfly transferred to a beautiful, happy face!


Participants experimenting with new techniquess




Experimenting with new techniques


Diligent participant working on her break!


Action shot


Hard at work


Such joy!! 🙂


Another one stroke butterfly on a willing participant!


Another demo – calla lilies on each participant


Demo on ‘FAB wipeable board’


Completed one stroke sugar skull – would’ve loved to do more detail but time was limited!


Sugar skull hard at work


Such a lovely happy audience!


Action shot!


The only boy! and 29 women!


Me, Teresa Mullin & Thomas 🙂


So much colour!


Hard at work


One stroke arm butterflies


Happy happy faces


16 students hard at work! One cheeky chappy spotted the camera 🙂


Amazing arm painting

“We ABSOLUTELY LOVED having u teach us!!!!! It was soooo lovely to meet you and I learned soooooooo much from you!!! Looking forward to seeing you teach more now you’ve got the bug hehe and seeing your Livi Lollipop influence spreading far & wide  – Joanne Wilson

“Aw Livi Lollipop, you never should have doubted yourself. Your class was excellent & I’ve used your genius concept of using different cakes in one design last weekend & it was a huge hit😉 Sign me up for the next one🤗x” – Anita Kinsella

“❤💛💚💙💜Livi Lollipop you were such a pleasure to have on board. You are an absolute sweetheart and this adds to your incredible talents and your style of teaching was wonderful! I’ve said before but will say again we were so honoured you chose to debut with us and know this will be the start of mega things for you! Xxx 💛💚💙💜” – Stacey Kilpatrick

“We loved u hon! Onwards and upwards!” – Krystle Boyd

“You were fab, I really enjoyed it, and came away inspired!” – Kathryn Craig

“It was incredible! Your a great teacher you took your time and explained things really well! Plus I love all the colours you use!!! Go you ” – Nicola Cunningham

“You were great, was so lovely to meet you, looking forward your next workshop over here! :)” – Jo Maher

“You were so great! … you made the class very enjoyable! 😊 You rocked it! You showed us new techniques and had a great time with you, such a lovely person 😃 Looking forward to crossing paths with you again 😊” – Thomas Bartley

“You did a fab job Livi! Was lovely to meet you & hopefully we’ll meet again somewhere along the way xx” – Lynne Hannah

“You were amazing and made me feel in my comfort zone. i was so worried it was going to go over my head and i’d be getting lost thinking it was impossible, but i didn’t.” – Cheryl Johnson

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ONE STROKE for ONE MONTH – Days 22-27

Almost there!!………………

❤ Day 22 ❤


❤ Day 23 ❤


One stroke step-by-step dragon

❤ Day 24 ❤



❤ Day 25 ❤



❤ Day 26 ❤


‘On the job’ Halloween client – she wanted a rainbow skull and I loved the idea!!

❤ Day 27 ❤


‘On the job’ – cutie pie sugar skull 🙂

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ONE STROKE for ONE MONTH – Days 13-16

Continuing my personal challenge of one stroke for one month, which has now become a very elastic month! *See previous posts for explaining what “one stroke” is 🙂

❤ Day 13 ❤


Three different flowers – close-ups below


❤ Day 14 ❤


Step-by-step of a leg butterfly, and then transferring it to my face


❤ Day 15 ❤



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I put a spell on you….

To celebrate Halloween this year, Livi Lollipop teamed up with the awe-inspiring Self-Esteem Team girls for a collaborative shoot in Abney Park Cemetery, Stoke Newington, London. Using a cocktail of Autumnal purples and oranges, Hocus Pocus and  Día de Muertos (Day of the Dead) as my inspiration, here are the delicious treats we produced. Photographs © Graham Bennett

Behind the scenes....

Behind the scenes….

I put a spell on you...

I put a spell on you…

Cemetery shoot 5

The rise of the Self-Esteem Team

The rise of the Self-Esteem Team

Here we are, trapped in the amber of the moment. There is no why. Kurt Vonnegut

Here we are, trapped in the amber of the moment. There is no why. Kurt Vonnegut

Model: Nadia Mendoza

Model: Nadia Mendoza

Model: Natasha Devon

Model: Natasha Devon

Model: Grace Barrett

Model: Grace Barrett

Cemetery shoot 6

Terrifying Trio

Terrifying Trio




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FRESH FACES – the faces of Freshers’ from Leicester Uni 2014

During Freshers’ week this year at the University of Leicester, in the middle of campus, in a marquee between the burger stand and the other burger stand, there was a fairy painting faces for FREE! I think there were definitely more post-grads up for it than freshers, but whoever they were they loved it! I was non-stop for two days 🙂 Here are some of my favourites.

blog LYP1010749ps2 copy blogP1010770psFB copy - CopyblogP1010782ps copyblogP1010763psFB - CopyBLOGP1010746psFBblogP1010783ps

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