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Fruit salad!

Fruit & vegetables – my new series of hand-painted 12″ vinyl.


Each record is individually painted with acrylics & emulsion, discreetly signed and then sprayed with protective matt lacquer. These are available to buy NOW!  £36 & p+p (international shipping available). Just email livilollipopfairy@gmail.com. They will also be available to buy from my soon-to-be-launched etsy shop.blog watermelonblog cr watermlonblog kiwiblog cr kiwiblog beetroot

blog cr beetrootblog limeblog cr limeblog beetroot watermelon lime kiwi WALL copy









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One Stroke Fairy Faces

Faces from a recent birthday party 🙂 Using homemade one stroke combinations: Candy Buffet and Rose

blog princess fairy


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Twit-tWoo hoo!!

So excited to present the first in my OWL series of ORIGINAL canvasses  Twit-tWoo hoo!! Available to buy in varying sizes. Happy to customise colours and text 😀



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Sobar so good!!

Sobar was absolutely fantastic!! I had an amazing day, surrounded by truly wonderful people. I adore the concept of this bar, and the food & drinks exceeded my expectations. Absolutely scrummy food & delightful drinks. Rhubarb & rosehip cordial… yuuuuum… a perfect pink fairy drink to finish up a phenomenal day of face painting 😀

This was a distorting mirror... I'm not quite this wide in real life!!

This was a distorting mirror… I’m not quite this wide in real life!!

blog pairblog blue2blog butterrflyblog maskblog zombie princessblog zombieblog flowers copy

 and even the older kids got involved!! This boy wanted a cracked arm, inspired by my cracked doll faces 🙂

blog P1290476ps copy

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Eye can see a Rainbow!

An array of colourful Eye face painting – designed for Hen Parties, Teenagers, Adults :)  ~ Face Painting ~ not just for kids!!

blog collageblog poppyblog fireblog rainbowblog pastelsblog peacockblog butterfly pinkblog mini butterblog flowersblog feather

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