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Mandala inspired body art

Having spent the last couple of months painting mandalas on vinyl records, I’ve been inspired to introduce this style into my face painting doodles. I tend to paint my arms and legs when I’m at an event and it’s reeeeeally quiet! Here’s an arm and a leg I painted recently.

twitter doodle

I used the same colour combination on both designs as I just love this contrast! (Need to try with a different combo next time!) These are homemade one strokes with all TAG colours except Cameleon Bollywood pink.

Black, Purple, Bollywood pink, White and Teal, Light Green, White

twitter leg brighter

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More mandala vinyl record art

Whilst I’m still editing photos from my first mandala to create my first slideshow/ video (exciting!) here is my second mandala vinyl, completed and in progress.

Hand-drawn/ hand-painted mandala 12″ vinyl record art. All totally free hand.

With the mandala painting I decided to experiment with one of my favourite colour palettes, even though it’s very different from my super bright garish colours! – delicious teal, mustard, and what I call “Berlin green”, as when I lived in Berlin this shade of green was EVERYWHERE!! The exact shades were really difficult to capture on camera as the real version is more vibrant than this. Here is the completed mandala:

twitter mandala 4 less white

I draw the mandala totally free-hand with a light pencil and then paint it from the centre outwards. It’s a super relaxing process and I love watching it unfold into a kaleidoscopic pattern of delicious colour! A meditative and creative practise all in one

twitter mandala

I love photographing each stage and seeing it develop.

twitter mandala 2

My mandala vinyl record art is available to buy! Each vinyl is a truly original piece of art and will never be replicated! Prints will be available very soon on 12″ x 12″ paper.

twitter mandala 3

These mandala vinyl records are the perfect adornments for home bedrooms, yoga studios, yoga retreats, reiki rooms, bohemian cafes and so much more! If you’d like to buy some mandala vinyl record art please get in touch! Or if you’d like to stock my mandala vinyl record art in your quirky, bohemian shop, please let me know!

With love,

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