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♥♥ Unicorns, rainbows & fairies ♥♥

Here are some of my recent commissions, all requested by beautiful strong women as gifts for the beautiful, inspiring women in their lives.

I love to paint commissions ♥♥♥ to liaise with clients to create something truly unique and personal.

If you have an idea for a personal painting, please get in touch!  livilollipopfairy@gmail.com It can be a brand new concept or based on a painting I’ve already done (eg.same design, different colours).

♥♥♥ Reviews  ♥♥♥
“It is so beautiful Livi. The photo did not do it justice, my daughter will love it so much. Thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤” D. Hall, Leicester

“I’ve put so much thought into what to buy and now I found the perfect gift. The painting is fantastic, thank you!” Anna Allard, Sweden

“I cannot thank you enough Livi. It’s for my dearest friend who has been battling bipolar and PTSD. I wanted something made for her with all the things she loves so she knows how much I care for her. You have done this for me and will be forever grateful. Xxx”

rainbow unicorn 72 px logo 500pxlovebirds UNIFORM 500pxUNIFORM violin 500pxreena com


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Buy a piece of Livi Lollipop art that DOESN’T wash off!

Having just launched my hand-painted 12″ vinyls I am keen to let everyone know about them! Here is my new table sign 🙂buy livi lollipop art 500px shadow

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Twit-tWoo hoo!!

So excited to present the first in my OWL series of ORIGINAL canvasses  Twit-tWoo hoo!! Available to buy in varying sizes. Happy to customise colours and text 😀



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Made in the 80s!!!

Deliciously colourful characters from my childhood!! Copied from the ORIGINAL versions 🙂 not the inferior modern “adaptations”…. Available on Canvasses + Murals + Pregnancy Bumps!!

PicMonkey Collage960pxblog strawberryblog rainbowblog care


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Canvasses, Murals & more…Oh My!!

Introducing…. Livi Lollipop CANVASSES!!!
Also available as MURALS and PREGNANCY ART!
*Any design you like – just ask!
*Can include child’s name
*or personalise with any text you likeEmail livilollipopfairy@gmail.com with requests & questions

A blank canvas still scares me!! I never believe I can fill it. Photos prove I can… yaaay!! 🙂








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