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The story behind the art…

Probably the thing I love most about what I do is learning why someone bought a particular piece from me. The story behind the art. Chelsea Gurss, the lady who bought my beetroot vinyl, wrote to me and I just loved her story so much! … “I am so excited to get this. It is for my husband’s birthday. He does this thing when a book has touched him in a certain way. He wants a piece of art work to remember the book. He just read Tom Robbin’s Jitterbug Perfume and beets get left on people’s doorsteps. So, I couldn’t think of a better beet piece of art then this. There was a lot of lame beet paintings out there. Thank you for making an awesome one”. ….. “We love our piece. It fits perfectly in our house. Thank you so much.”

And here it is, hanging on the wall in their home in Texas, USA!!





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Fruit salad!

Fruit & vegetables – my new series of hand-painted 12″ vinyl.


Each record is individually painted with acrylics & emulsion, discreetly signed and then sprayed with protective matt lacquer. These are available to buy NOW!  £36 & p+p (international shipping available). Just email livilollipopfairy@gmail.com. They will also be available to buy from my soon-to-be-launched etsy shop.blog watermelonblog cr watermlonblog kiwiblog cr kiwiblog beetroot

blog cr beetrootblog limeblog cr limeblog beetroot watermelon lime kiwi WALL copy








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