Face painting lessons | Not just for grown-ups!

Not only do I teach grown-ups to face paint, I have also started teaching children to face paint! We work through most of the same skills I teach in my adult workshops, but at a much slower pace and in shorter classes.

sophie 3

My first child student booked in last week (well, her mum booked her in!) and I’m not sure who was more excited, her or me! She rocked up in a pink tutu clutching a pink glittery notebook to make notes – a true dedicated student!

sophie 5

For our first class we used this template to illustrate the beauty and versatility of tear drops. Our aims were to achieve a beautiful rainbow butterfly and some daisies.

My experience has been that once you can paint a tear drop, anything is possible! For this reason, painting the perfect tear drop is one of my top tips for the fundamentals of face painting. We practised tear drops on our arms to nail the technique, and this little girl’s tear drops were ON POINT! I was gobsmacked.

sophie 2

sophie 1

It can be pretty tricky to achieve – my adult students often exclaiming “This is so much harder than it looks!!” – so sometimes I’ll guide my students’ hand so they can commit the motion to muscle memory. It seems to work!

I then re-painted the face painting practise board to demo how the butterfly is created, and also a little arm butterfly to show how it’s done on skin. This also allows the child to go home with a piece of Livi Lollipop art, which they love 😍

sophie 4

Child face painting lessons are typically one hour long and I suggest a minimum of 4-6 sessions to understand all the basics. It is then entirely up to you and your child if the lessons continue! Face painting teaching is done at my home in Clarendon Park, Leicester, mainly after school.

If you’d like to learn more about face painting lessons in Leicester for you or your child, please get in touch! Drop me a mail at livilollipopfairy@gmail.com

I look forward to hearing from you!livi signature

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