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On-the-job boys face painting!

I’m definitely more comfortable with pretty, frilly, flowery girly designs so always feel a little fear when a boy sits down requesting typical boys face paint ideas. Always looking to improve my superheroes, I’m still trying to develop my designs to ones I’m content and comfortable with. Copying characters however, is something I’m ok at so enjoyed doing this Pokemon/ Pikachu design recently, at a sweaty party on the hottest day of the year so far! This is a simplified version of Olga Murasev’s original design.

twitter pokemon

My on-the-job tigers are always a challenge, as I’ve been so focused on immaculate line work that I sometimes forget about flow. When in doubt, always look to Mark Reid for tiger inspiration! Painted this absolutely adorable little tiger at the same party and he and I were both super happy with the result!

twitter tiger

I’m also always a little terrified when boys request a character I’ve never heard of and then produce their tiny little arm for me to replicate it on! So I was pretty pleased by my efforts today with “Ultra Sonic” on this kids arm. He bloody loved it!   Wish I’d got a closer picture  although this photo of the two brothers taken by their mum is just awesome!



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More mandala vinyl record art

Whilst I’m still editing photos from my first mandala to create my first slideshow/ video (exciting!) here is my second mandala vinyl, completed and in progress.

Hand-drawn/ hand-painted mandala 12″ vinyl record art. All totally free hand.

With the mandala painting I decided to experiment with one of my favourite colour palettes, even though it’s very different from my super bright garish colours! – delicious teal, mustard, and what I call “Berlin green”, as when I lived in Berlin this shade of green was EVERYWHERE!! The exact shades were really difficult to capture on camera as the real version is more vibrant than this. Here is the completed mandala:

twitter mandala 4 less white

I draw the mandala totally free-hand with a light pencil and then paint it from the centre outwards. It’s a super relaxing process and I love watching it unfold into a kaleidoscopic pattern of delicious colour! A meditative and creative practise all in one

twitter mandala

I love photographing each stage and seeing it develop.

twitter mandala 2

My mandala vinyl record art is available to buy! Each vinyl is a truly original piece of art and will never be replicated! Prints will be available very soon on 12″ x 12″ paper.

twitter mandala 3

These mandala vinyl records are the perfect adornments for home bedrooms, yoga studios, yoga retreats, reiki rooms, bohemian cafes and so much more! If you’d like to buy some mandala vinyl record art please get in touch! Or if you’d like to stock my mandala vinyl record art in your quirky, bohemian shop, please let me know!

With love,

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A wet day in Whetstone…

Last week on a very very wet day in Whetstone, Leicester I painted at a big bank holiday pub event, alongside magicians, animals, bouncy castles and live music! The relentless rain did not deter the crowds and I was non-stop for 5 hrs, one of the busiest face painting events I’ve ever done! I managed to take a couple of photographs before it got manic, and I was sent the photos of me painting and me with the little rainbow girl by her lovely mum!

rainbow butterfly face painting leicester 2

Face painting in progress! After applying the rainbow base I work around the driest areas first with white tear drops, creating a butterfly shape.

rainbow butterfly face painting leicester 1

Voila! The finished face and a happy customer 🙂

Below are 2 more little cuties – a butterfly using TAG unicorn colour combo, and an Elsa-inspired design – both using one stroke. I just love these colours and their smiles!

blog butterfly face painting whetstone leicester

blog butterfly face painting whetstone leicester 2a copy

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Rainbow globe belly art!

Latest pregnancy bump painting
Available in Leicester and in London – please email for more info!

If you’re pregnant in London or Leicester and would like to celebrate your pregnancy bump in a truly unique and creative way, please get in touch  Or if you have a pregnant friend, why not treat her to a super special pamper day with a twist!

I work with each individual client to create something unique for them. This lovely lady wanted a globe, flowers, rainbow and stars so this is what we came up with!

twitter globe rainbow black copy

blog rainbow 1 copy

blog rainbow 2

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