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Sobar so good!!

Sobar was absolutely fantastic!! I had an amazing day, surrounded by truly wonderful people. I adore the concept of this bar, and the food & drinks exceeded my expectations. Absolutely scrummy food & delightful drinks. Rhubarb & rosehip cordial… yuuuuum… a perfect pink fairy drink to finish up a phenomenal day of face painting 😀

This was a distorting mirror... I'm not quite this wide in real life!!

This was a distorting mirror… I’m not quite this wide in real life!!

blog pairblog blue2blog butterrflyblog maskblog zombie princessblog zombieblog flowers copy

 and even the older kids got involved!! This boy wanted a cracked arm, inspired by my cracked doll faces 🙂

blog P1290476ps copy


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A Sobar Half-term in Nottingham

I’ll be face painting in NOTTINGHAM next week to kick start the half-term! Monday 17th Feb. 11am-4pm
Find me at “SOBAR” – amazing *new* ALCOHOL-FREE bar!!
22 Friar Lane, NG1 6DQ

sobar copy2 sparkle texture2


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“Avatar” Body Paint

Earlier this week, I was unbelievably privileged to be invited to assist Kelly Odell on my first full body paint – “Avatar” – for Izzy Hill‘s new music video at Onefiftyone films. Fantastic experience with some beautiful people  xx  

P1290367ps copy eyeLights, camera …..

cropAction! … Kelly at work 

P1290354ps copy-001Navel gazing

P1290382 eyes copy ps copy-001Smile, you’re on camera!

1779166_434376010026752_1671504797_nThe amazing Kelly Odell and our creation

P1290383Livi morphing into a smurf!

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and now for something completely different…. ZOMBIE CHEERLEADERS!!!!

**Special Preview** Zombie Cheerleaders!! ~Click Photo to ENLARGE ~
Soon you’ll be able to book THEMED Hen-do or Birthday parties -including ZOMBIE CHEERLEADER theme – where Livi Lollipop’s magical paintbrush meets the dazzling talents of Doe Demure….watch this space!!




Modelsme & Faye Feline
PhotographerAndy Douglas
CostumesDoe Demure 

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Lots of little Fairies


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