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It’s Monster Month!!

For all my Facebook followers you already know it’s been Monster Month in Lollipop Land 😉 I’m currently compiling a post for my blog of all my monster faces, but while that’s still in progress… here’s one in process 😀



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The Rocky Horror Livi Show

For one week only The Rocky Horror Picture Show is live at Leicester Curve! Livi Lollipop is available to paint your face before the show 🙂

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Dead-eyed Dolls

Photos from “Art Shark” 18.09.13 – “a haven for the casual sketching of costumed models, inter-twined with great entertainment” – It was a fantastically unique evening of Dead-eyed Dolls, painted by Livi Lollipop, life-drawing & burlesque dancing. All photos by Roger Jones




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