Tickled Skink!

Livi Lollipop was lucky enough to face paint today at the **TiCKLED SKiNK** Summer Special! She had a fantastic time turning kids into crabs & cockroaches, sprogs into snakes and belles into butterflies !! xo

Click the picture to be taken to Tickled Skink website 🙂



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3 responses to “Tickled Skink!

  1. Livi was truly amazing today at the Tickled Skink Summer Special! The children loved her! She was bubbly, friendly, hard-working, imaginitive, creative and super child-friendly! I particularly loved her “crab” creation and the “cockroach”…surely never before attempted by a face painter but with startlingly realistic results! I will be recommending Livi to all! Amazing! x

    • A very belated thank you Vanessa for such a gorgeous glowing reference! I had a blast at Tickled Skink! What you do is absolutely wonderful & refreshingly unique and I have already been recommending you to people too! xo

      • Awwww thankyou, Livi! I have yet to see another facepainter as good as you! I gave your card to The Reading Shop with a very high recommendation. Turns out, they had already been in discussion with you by email and seemed really interested. I hope something is coming of that. Love your work, your energy and your enthusiasm! xxx

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