The Perfect Lollipop

(Written & illustrated by Livi Lollipop)

Livi Lollipop wished to find the perfect lollipop, a lollipop so breathtakingly beautiful, so devilishly delicious, that just to look at it would make your mouth water and your tummy gurgle with delight. Her imagination was immense, her expectations enormous, but her hope was irrepressible. Dizzy with determination, Livi set out on her journey.

She skipped over chocolate cobbles, crumbly and crunchy underfoot, and danced through daffodils made of lemon meringue. Livi’s tooth was as sweet as her name, so she just couldn’t resist poking her little finger into the gooey, custard centres of each flower. Yum! She swam through pretty pink pools of swirling strawberry and vanilla, and waded through watermelon waters, sipping succulent mouthfuls as she swam. Raspberry raindrops fell out of candy floss clouds, and bursts of butterscotch buttons blew with the wind across Lollipop Land. Livi grew terribly tired, but her need to find the perfect lollipop also grew and grew. She simply had to keep going.

She trampled over glittery green grass made of sugary apple sherbet, and picked off petals from coconut chrysanthemums. She carefully crossed wiggly, wobbly bridges miraculously made from scrumptious slabs of sticky toffee tied up with liquorice laces. Her feet would often get stuck in the toffee, but by pouring a potion of prickly pear juice over her shoes, Livi could dissolve the stickiness and she would become unstuck.

Smattering her path were terrific trees, dripping with liquid lemonade leaves. Livi’s playful personal challenge was to slurp these silently. More glorious games and more tasty treats entertained Livi on her journey, yet she remained persistent in her pursuit of the perfect lollipop. Under heaps of honeycomb and behind boulders of berry red aniseed balls she searched. Among almond azaleas and jasmine made of jelly beans she scoured.

Just when Livi’s enthusiasm was about to evaporate, she noticed a nook – handsomely hidden behind some peculiar purple blueberry gumball bushes. A tiny door dusted with icing sugar. Livi carefully creaked open the door and was flabbergasted by a fabulous field of ludicrously luscious lollipops! Psychedelic swirls of cheerful cherry. Kaleidoscopes of kiwi-lime. Spellbinding spirals of pineapple and papaya. Livi was mesmerised. She rifled through pomegranate popsicles, tangerine twizzlers and   mango madness – ribbons and ribbons of rainbows. Whizzing whirls of crazy colours. Wondrous!

It was from this captivating carpet of luxurious lollipops that Livi plucked her perfect lollipop  – a resplendent rainbow bursting with a bouquet of berries and bubblegum. Eye-poppingly perfect! And tantalisingly tasty.



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10 responses to “The Perfect Lollipop

  1. Laura

    Such an exciting concept. A magical adventure which will captivate every little girl.

  2. vanessa lorenz

    This is utterly enchanting! Absolutely beautiful. Good on you for bringing back the magic and the fantasy that children so love Olivia!

  3. Kara

    How awesome!!!
    Love it.

  4. Jo :)

    Oh Olivia!!!!!! This is awesome!!!!! Oh my gosh it’s an Alice-in-wonderland fan’s dream blog!!!!!!

  5. Aage Sundby

    Thanks for showing me Livi, I really like her!
    It’s brave well done, congratulations.

  6. Goosfraaba

    I specifically like the mango madness 😉 awesome. You’re a star fairy.

  7. lisa

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaah, livi!!!! i love it! what an amazing looking blog, too.
    i miss you!
    lisa x

  8. For someone that doesn’t have a little girl at home to pamper and prance around with, this is the perfect blog!

  9. Scott McLachlan

    To see someone`s imagination, dreams and wonderful heartfelt visions of every child`s dream come to life and manifest into this inspirational, highly talented, fantastical adventure is truly a treasure to behold.Olivia I’m absolutely honoured to know you and feel privileged to have been given the fairy dust to enter your blog. It takes me back to MY childhood in a very precious way wait until i show my kids they will be your first stalkers hat’s off to you keep up the great work with love and massive respect Scott McLachlanxxxxxx

    • Thank you Scott for such a beautiful compliment!! I created Lollipop Land as an antidote to the greyness so many people exist in, and it thrills me when people want to be a part of it! Bathe in that fairy dust and keep shining honey xo

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