♥♥ Unicorns, rainbows & fairies ♥♥

Here are some of my recent commissions, all requested by beautiful strong women as gifts for the beautiful, inspiring women in their lives.

I love to paint commissions ♥♥♥ to liaise with clients to create something truly unique and personal.

If you have an idea for a personal painting, please get in touch!  livilollipopfairy@gmail.com It can be a brand new concept or based on a painting I’ve already done (eg.same design, different colours).

♥♥♥ Reviews  ♥♥♥
“It is so beautiful Livi. The photo did not do it justice, my daughter will love it so much. Thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤” D. Hall, Leicester

“I’ve put so much thought into what to buy and now I found the perfect gift. The painting is fantastic, thank you!” Anna Allard, Sweden

“I cannot thank you enough Livi. It’s for my dearest friend who has been battling bipolar and PTSD. I wanted something made for her with all the things she loves so she knows how much I care for her. You have done this for me and will be forever grateful. Xxx”

rainbow unicorn 72 px logo 500pxlovebirds UNIFORM 500pxUNIFORM violin 500pxreena com

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For 15 years I didn’t pick up a paintbrush. I was very lost, broken and frightened for a long time. Then one day, whilst living in Berlin, the idea of face painting came to me, seemingly out of nowhere. It felt like a huge risk but I bought some paints and very slowly bookings started coming in. I moved back to England and it kind of snowballed, despite intending to let it drop and move onto different things. People kept suggesting I progress to body painting but it just didn’t feel like the right fit for me.What I really wanted to do was create art that didn’t wash off, but fear told me I wasn’t capable. Self-doubt has always been, for me, more of a deafening white noise than a whisper, paralysing me into doing nothing. And so for years I literally did nothing.
Then a couple of years ago I started painting canvasses, but only really copying popular characters. I’d always copied stuff as a child so it felt like the beginning again, but with no vision of where it could go and no confidence about how I could develop. Whilst visiting a dear friend’s exhibition I experienced what felt like utter defeat, the voices in my head screaming “You will never do this”. I think she read my mind, or my tears, because at that moment she held my hand and said out loud, “You CAN do this Olivia”.
Of course I didn’t believe her, but a couple of months later I produced this. My first truly original painting. THE MUSHROOM FAIRY. who sits on my mantelpiece as a daily reminder that self-doubt is bulls**t. I literally love her and what she represents to me, and whilst I have no intention of ever parting with the original, today I had some prints done that ARE for sale. They are available to buy now, and in the future from my soon-to-be-launched Etsy shop. Today is a good day. There were tears, but today they were just of gratitude. ❤


*Logo is for internet purposes only and not on the prints. Each print will be individually signed.*

8×12″ – £11 (+p&p)

12×18″ – £17 (+p&p)

blog mushroom fairy

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❤Hand-painted Rainbow Records!❤

Hand-painted acrylic & emulsion on 12″ vinyl records! Each one is £35 (plus p+p). Giclee prints coming soon. Etsy shop coming soon. New facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/livilollipopart/

Some of my paintings are now on sale at Prettiez, a stunning Aladdin’s cave of hand-crafted goodies from around the world, situated down a secret passage on Queens Rd, Leicester ❤


£36 + p&p


YOU’VE ALWAYS HAD THE POWER – On sale in Prettiez


PURPLE POPPY – £36 + p&p

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The Jewel of Jewsons

Possibly the strangest setting I’ve ever face painted in! Family fun day at Jewson’s, Oxford, but after an hour of this wacky warehouse I was moved to the front of the shop, where people could see me. I rarely get an opportunity to photograph my work so I was super happy with these shots!

blog warehouse

Wacky warehouse

P1170399ps blog

Loving the eyes on this snake!

P1170403pps 500px

One stroke flowers

blog enderman

Enderman from Minecraft


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Lovely Legs of Leicester!

Absolutely loved painting these one stroke roses all over the legs of Leicester last Tuesday evening at Streetlife nightclub. Had such an amazing night – 3.5 hours non-stop!

P1170125ps twitter

leg blog2

leg blog 3







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Bambi bambino

Latest pregnancy bump ❤ I love painting animation! This lovely lady just wrote me a beautiful email to say thank you:

“Hi Livi:) Aww thanks so much for the pictures, I love them so much:) You seriously are so sweet and so talented, I can’t wait to show my daughter the pictures when she’s here:) Aww it’s such a lovely memory I’ll cherish forever :-* thanks again:) Take care xx “

This truly special and unique way to celebrate your bump is available in Leicester & London. Email livilollipopfairy@gmail.com for details.

bambi twitter

P1170084ps twitter

P1170044 twitter

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FREE Face Painting TODAY!!

Join the Blue Army with some blue & white face paint TODAY at the Curve theatre, Leicester, ready for the parade! From 3pm onwards. It’s FREE!!

blue paint blog

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